[Trey Songz]
Welcome to my sex room
Sex room, room, ohh, ohh, ohhh
Welcome to my sex room, room

Hah, welcome to my little sanctuary
You been lookin so good all day
and you really got a nigga pretty anxious ba-by
Better call yo' boss, tell him that yo' daddy's home
Take a couple days off and take it off
and leave nothin but yo' T-shirt and yo' panties on
Feelin high but I'm hung real low lookin sorta like a tri-pod
So power down yo' cell phone, and power up yo' iPod
Power down yo' inhibitions, and power up yo' inner freak
(Yes, yeah fuck!) Is the only words that you finna speak
It's about to get real X-rated, can you handle what I'm 'bout to do?
But enough about me, let me think should I be worryin about if I can handle you?
Damn RIGHT I'ma get that thang, and I'ma put my name on it
All night I'ma whip that thang, Allstate better put a claim on it
I claim my territory, my tongue finna mark you up
You could be my firecracker, my tongue finna spark you up
Get ready for blast-off, waterfalls gon' splash off
You might lose around four or five pounds so get ready to SWEAT yo' ass off

[Chorus: Trey Songz]
Welcome to my sex room, where yo' body meets my body
It's our private afterparty, if you want it girl I got it
In my sex room, candles and the pole
Sex your body to your soul, from the bed down to the flo'
Sex room, mirrors in the headboard
Even got a camcord', baby won't you dance
In my sex room, where yo' body meets my body
It's our private afterparty, if you want it girl I got it
In my sex room

Let the candles burn, I'ma turn these lights down
And when your body gets hot it'll get you licked up, and iced down
Nipples hard as ROCKS, lips as soft as cotton
You the apple of my eye, and I got you spoiled rotten
I'ma get my video camera, let's make a movie baby
You the star so as soon as I press record you gots to do me baby
You could stare all in the mirror, take a peak at how good you lookin
I'ma have your body SMOKIN, take a look at what Luda's cookin
My arm underneath your leg, legs all behind your head is how I gots to getcha
Right hand, left hand on red in the bed like we been playin Twister
Now I got you tangled up, and you caught all in my web
Should I let you loose? Nah, I think I'll get the blindfold instead
You better get a couple towels baby, cause we about to slip and slide
You don't ever need a horse or a saddle, I'ma give you this dick to ride
I'ma grant yo' every wish, and fulfill yo' fantasy
Ain't nobody else allowed in the sex room, it's only you and me

[Chorus] - minus last line

[Trey Songz]
Listenin to what your body say, we can do it every other kind of way
Hit it in the sun, up in the shade, tell me what it is I got you babe
Baby let's hop up in the shower, baby let me snatch up off that towel
Let me get a vowel, I-O-U, so I-E-U mean I eat you
(To my sex.. to my sex..) Come into this room
(To my sex.. to my sex..) You know what I'ma do
(To my sex.. to my sex..) Grab my body tight, don't let me go (go)
All you wanna ride just let me know!
In my sex room (ohh) room, room, ohh, ohh, ohhh
Know that I want it, baby yeahhh!
(To my sex.. to my sex..) With your toooooes pointed
So baby welcome to my sex room

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Trey Songz]
Sex room, room, ohh, ohh, ohhh
I got it right here
In my sex room
Sex room, room, ohh, ohh, ohhh

Why are you moving over to white girls now? you don’t like Asian girls anymore?

Well i dates white girls when i was younger but i got tried of them. Of course i still like asian girls they hold three out of five of my top five nationalities. matter of fact i’ll post it up:
5. Black girls ( Despite the attitude problems they can very sweet girls)
4. Filipino ( best skin tone and sexy)
3. Latina (Get me a mexican thug bitch and i’m in heaven)
2. Cambodian ( ….wow and thats all i can say)
1. Vietnamese Girls ( first crush was one. first kid date was one, those girls have had a hold on me since Kindergarten)

Still dont know where white girls will fit in yet. but they are making a come back.

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She could heard his snoring over the clanging of the rusted over fan in the bathroom. The harsh yellow light didn’t help  her looks as she stared at herself. He had worked her over especially well tonight. it wasn’t her fault she look just like her mother. He didn’t know or he didn’t care, it doesn’t matter anyways. Lucky for her she’s  six feet over and no long has to deal with his shit. Most girls would be sad that they lost there mother but it wasn’t the case with alyssa. She hated her mother for leaving her in this hell. If she was a real mother when she killed herself she would have had the love to take her to. She cut on the faucet and watched as it sputtered  on. She ran her hands  under the cold water and splashed some on her face. The water stung the cigar burn on her . She slowly ran her fingertips over cut on her chin. She slowly worked her way up to her nose which was broken or close to it at least. She winced in pain and coughed, she could taste blood, beer and cigar ash. Still traveling her finger worked up to her left eye. it was swollen shut. A reminder to be a little bit more “cooperative”. closing her eye she took a deep breath then slowly exhaled . As she exhaled the air around seem to pick up and swirl. slowly the cuts fused together, the bruises dark colors reverted back to a soft pink tone. When she opened her eyes those  light hazel orbs stared at her now flawless face.  She wondered if her father ever noticed that no matter what he did to her she looked fine by the next morning. Maybe he was too drunk to notice or care, but maybe in his drunken stupor he does notice and thats why he beats her. she was jarred out of her own thoughts by her phone. she quickly grabbed her phone and answered it. She didn’t want her father waking up looking for a morning quickie. “Hello hummingbird” hearing that voice made her heart skip a beat ” Where are you Dom?” she whispered ” On my way to get you. be there in 15” and with that he hung up. she quickly put on her makeup and clothes. then grabbed her bag as he slipped out the door leaving her father.    

( this isn’t half of what i wanted to write but i have to finish later. it’s 5am and i need to sleeep)

Chapter One

He sits on the edge of the cold concrete. his legs hangs off the side hanging inches above the water below. the wind kicking up a bit blowing the sea ait back into his face. His eyes squint as he tried to keep them focused on the blade in his left hand. In his head he keeps repeating the plan ” Cut then jump”: All he can hear is the wind whipping around his ears but even that sounds like the laughter. He sneers as he pictures of the “friends” faces. Some bunch they are he treated more like a personal joke instead of a friend. But he knows it his fault and there nothing he can do about it, Nothing but this. He could have wrote a note and taken some pills but that to unreliable. He’s done his homework. Jumping from a building or in front of a train is to messy and he doesn’t want to leave a body. His family can’t afford the funnel anyways. This is the best way, at least this way they would think he just disappeared. No one would think to check this place out. They dont pay enough attention to know much about him anyways. This island was horrible but he remember some of the best times in his life here. It was the only place he felt accepted and with people like himself. It easy being the jock, or the hottie, hell even the nerd. But what do you do when your just average? For years he didn’t know who he was but when he was here he discovered a identity. This island gave him a better home and family then he could have ever hoped for. That turned into a sad smile as he thought about all the memories he had, but he was snapped back to reality by a sharp pain and a small trickle of blood rolling down his finger. He glanced at his watch. it was two minutes til 12. With his blood finger he wrote “Happy birthday”. One minute to go, he picked up his blade and got ready. As the seconds ticked down he thought that he should be scared, nervous, or something but he felt nothing. Ten seconds…. 9…8….7…6…5… He bit his lip as he brought the blade across his wrist, ready to bring it down. 4….3….2…1….As his muscles tense as he started to bring the blade across his skin his hand stopped cold. The grip was firm it didn’t pull the blade away nor did it push it down. He first focused on the hand then worked his way up his arm to the man wearing what he could guess was a nice suit. He had a strange smirk on his face. he kept trying to pull his hand away but the drip was like a vice. With his free hand the man reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out business card and dropped it on his lap. With that smirk never fading he looked over his glasses and said ” Happy birthday Raymond could i have a minute of your time?”


who are some of the most important people in your life?

Hmmmm Juile, Mark, Sebastian, AJ, Devin, Tim-Aye, Steven, Juilana, Linh, Wei, Danny, Gil, Puzzler, Elisa, Joe, Angelo, Royal, Royden, Charon, Mandy, Nikki baby, Erkca mamas, Bela, Christina, Joocy, Kevin, Poy, Lee, Elaine, Smilez, Melissa, Marc dom, mike, Laura, April, Nicole, Princess mish,Hung,Derek, Beatknoxx, Ddocto, Andrew Ho, Berto, Van, Nhi, Jody, amanda, Kristina,Tiffany,Teejayy, Markeeezy, and others. if you think you should be on this list let me know and i’ll buy you a shot. hahaha

I can’t just list 1 song!! HAHAHAH p.s. HI DAVID! :D

ok ok ok give me at least a top five or ten and i’ll give you my top 100. lol

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How’d you get the nickname Huggy?

lol there are many legends and myths about this but the truth is my best friend Dave posted it on myspace. he and friends had a group called the goons there was smarty which was dave. Thuggy who was willie and drifty was royal. after a party when the pics was post on myspace Dave called me Huggy goon in one pic. i like the name and it stuck ever since

How would you describe your personality?

if i had to do it in one word i would have to say: Sick. i have a real twisted world view. and a real sick sense of humor. i enjoy talking about things like sex, drugs, religion. talk to me sometime and you’ll find out

Why did you suddenly stop clubbing?

Well to be honest i’m broke as hell and the club is a expensive habit for me therefore i had make a decision to stop for a while. i do miss it and hope to come back when things get better

Do you believe in life after death?

i hope so. i hate to think that this right here is it.

What would be the best workplace perk?

Being able to smoke weed all day everyday or being able to date the strippers. lol

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